miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2008


He querido compartir con ustedes, especialmente con aquellos alumnos que comienzan el curso de Didáctica este semestre, el mensaje que me ha enviado el día 26 de agosto de 2008, Genaro Laurel, alumno de la carrera de Pedagogía en Inglés de la sede de San Felipe. Lo hace en reacción a la noticia aparecida con anterioridad y a las fotos publicadas en Facebook.

“Hi Dear Teacher!!!! I'm so glad you went to Coyhaique, I'm sure you will agree with me on that it's a pretty beautiful place, I bet you had a great time there meeting your old friend and other teachers from the south. Thanks for your good wishes and I hope to see you at "uni" sometime.All the best for you and thanks for sharing those awesome pictures,I haven't been there since March so it reminded me of some nice things especially that picture with the guys in the army because it is right in the center of downtown.Thanks a lot and I wish all the best for u again!!!

Best regards.

Genaro Laurel”

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Carolina dijo...

Carolina Vera

g'day Genaro, I hope things are going well. I'm writing to you because Mr. Calderón asked everyone here from Didactics' to do it, so... here is my message for you. I know you are alone there and I'm sure you miss your family and your girlfriend too, but everything you're going through right now will bring you lots of good things :) now, tell me, what have been the hardest things that you have had to get used to?
Best wishes for you!
take care! see you!

Anónimo dijo...

G'day buddies! it's a ripper to know that there are other ways to keep in touch other than facebook, hahahaha
just want to wish the best to genaro in aussie land so far from Chile.
Keep in touch buddie!!
catch you later!
Jose HD Inostroza...

Luisa Paz dijo...

Hi Genaro, I am Luisa Paz (English pedagogy, eighth semester). I am not sure if you can remember to me, but we talked in some oportunities the last semester. Well, I am writing because Mr Calderón asked to do it in order to know and share your experience as a student in Australia. I would like to ask you some questions. Is there any difference between Australian and Chilean education? How is the level of teachers and students? Do you think that teachers are competente there?
I could not write before because we had vacations and I went to visit my parents who live in Salamanca (fourth region). In spite that Sala manca has free Internet,in the area in where they live there is not signal because they live in the countryside and not in the town.
Well, the important is to know about your experience there.
Best wishes for you!


Anónimo dijo...

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